The Golden Guidelines for Making Tea

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Loose Tea

Use loose leaf teas that have been conscientiously chosen, systematically sourced and perfectly packaged to retain purity, freshness, fragrance and flavor. Loose tea leaves need room to expand to emit their essential oils, aromas and fragrances. For the optimal brew, use 3 grams of tea for every 250 ml of water. Whole-leaf teas vary in density, so use one teaspoon for compact teas (Autumn Green, Jasbire Black) and up to 3 teaspoons for voluminous teas (Himalayan Emerald, Autumn White)

Tea Bags

Gourmet Tealure teabags make it easier to enjoy both quality and convenience. We promote pyramid tea sachets that boost the flow of water and enable you to achieve a, flavorful, sustainable, fair trade brew. [Explore our Teabags]


Hard water from the tap is not recommended because of its chlorine content and metallic taste. The best brew is made with highly oxygenated water, with a pH equal to or just below 7. You can get your hands on tea-friendly water by using water filtration systems, which eliminate unwanted chemicals and minerals found in tap water.


The correct water temperature is crucial in tea making. The standard notion that boiling water is recommended for all tea types is not necessarily true. Each variety of tea requires a slightly different temperature to allow the essence of the tea to emanate. Temperature controlled kettles are therefore endorsed.

Do not over boil your water! As soon as water reaches boiling point, take it away from the heat source. As water boils it loses levels of dissolved oxygen - the more dissolved oxygen you have in your water, the better your tea will taste.

Perfect Proportion

The correct proportions of tea:temperature:time are essential for the perfect brew, encouraging the most alluring aromas and flavors to come forth. So if you want to sip and savor the sublime taste of tea, then follow our fool-proof formula below! 


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