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Autumn White

November 2016, 50g

When autumn arrives at the Jitpur Hills, Bai Mudan, the Autumn White is ready to be processed by the hand-picking of single leaves and buds. The leaves turn a parrot green, indicating a decline in moisture content within the leaf. The leaves are processed in a similar fashion to Spring White, hence the name Autumn White.

Although Autumn White has a similar appearance to Spring White, it is less dense and lacks the astringency that is sometimes found in Spring White. White teas, with their mellow and delicate flavor can be enjoyed by almost anyone, however, Autumn White goes a step further. Tea connoisseurs will be delighted by its classic mellow and delicate flavors, alongside its unusual and long-lasting sweet aftertastes.

If you are new to Nepali tea or not sure which one to pick, it is a good idea to start with the Intro to Nepali tea, where you get 8 different samples of 10g. each.

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