Black Ruby in Lokta box

July 2016, 70gr.

This tea is made by Nepalese village women in their homes and by hand. The name Ruby depicts ‘fire’, and the cup is ruby in color and fiery in taste. The tea is strong and warm with a hint of sourness both in scent and taste but with a mild and soft aftertaste. Like the Nepalese women, the character of the Nepali black tea is strength, energy and a gentle finish.

Handmade in Nepal, the Lokta boxes are completely natural, made of bio-degradable lokta paper that has never been touched by industrial chemicals or equipment.

If you are new to Nepali tea or not sure which one to pick, it is a good idea to start with the Intro to Nepali tea, where you get 8 different samples of 10g. each.

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