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Jasbire Black

November 2016, 50g

Jasbire Black tea is picked in the depths of autumn at Jasbire Village in Highland Nepal. A silvery bud and one tender first leaf are hand plucked with precision, either early in the morning as the sun welcomes a new day, or late in the afternoon, as it bids it farewell. The leaves are withered for the remaining hours of the day, followed by an overnight stay at withering troughs with a constant supply of natural air. Early the following morning, the leaves are hand rolled and left to rest for 1-2 hours.

Once the rolled leaves start changing color, they are lightly machine rolled for 15 minutes and dried immediately under low heat as a start up process for peak oxidation. Low fired tea is then allowed to rest for a few hours to breathe out the heat. Final high heat drying is given so as to increase the flavor profile and shelf life of the tea. The tea that results is highly aromatic, with a savory and malty flavor.

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