Shangri-la Oolong

April 2017, 50g

The fourth flush at the plantation at the foot of the Jasbire hills brings a tea with a fine autumnal flavor. The silvery single leaves and buds are handpicked in the final days of autumn when the sun still holds it heat, giving the resultant tea a unique character. The White Oolong tea has a delicate silvery appearance due to its curled silver tips, but is not to be confused with white teas. Unlike white teas, where oxidation is low (3-5%), Shangri-la Oolong experiences oxidation as high as 20%. Meticulous handling of the tea, and a slow oxidation process leave behind an extraordinary tea that rewards the drinker with floral and sweet notes.

If you are new to Nepali tea or not sure which one to pick, it is a good idea to start with the Intro to Nepali tea, where you get 8 different samples of 10g. each.

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